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MCV Energy, Inc. (MCV) founded in San Diego, CA in 2009, is a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of distributed energy storage systems (DESS) and renewable energy solutions for commercial, industrial and utility applications. MCV DESS are designed and integrated in the USA with safety in mind to provide valuable economic and social benefits for end users. Click here to view our capabilities statement.

Expertise in solar panel manufacturing led MCV to turn its attention to the development of energy storage and power distribution systems. MCV integrated the safety of lithium-ion battery systems with power electronics to deliver an outstanding system capable of optimizing Volt/VAR management.

Energy storage is the key link that will enable rapid expansion of renewable energy penetration within the grid. MCV DESS responds to charge and discharge command expeditiously and achieves sending energyflow from one direction to the other in one round-trip cycle of 50 micro-seconds, exceeding the dynamic speed required by the grid. MCV recognizes that developing systems capable of serving multiple purpose control functions would be required in order to maximize the opportunity for success.

These seven key control modes are customizable options as part of each DESS solution MCV designs:
• Bi-directional, harmonic filter;
• Peak Load Management;
• Frequency Regulation;
• PV Voltage Transient Support and Intermittency Smoothing;
• Reactive Power;
• Constant Power Charge and Discharge and,
• Remote control monitoring via PC.

MCV DESS are designed in a small footprint and deliver long life expectancy. Lithium-ion battery systems are safer and more environmentally friendly, and provide two times the depth of discharge than lead acid batteries. MCV expects the typical DESS will operate up to 10-20 years depending on usage.

From a 35kW/35kWh rack mounted system scalable to a multi-megawatt container system, MCV DESS innovation is giving rise to a new vision for the company. MCV Energy’s goal is to offer the world’s first full function “all-in-one” energy storage solution for the micro-grid.