MCV Li-ion battery modules and assemblies feature high energy density and high energy capacity from 40 Ah up to 1,000 Ah. MCV can design a system scalable from a 19” rack mounted 35 kW/35kWH assembly to a multi-MW container system.

MCV Li-Fe battery modules and assemblies offer the following attributes:

1. Safety (see Client references)
2. High energy density (~116 wh/kg);
3. Excellent recycling capability;
4. High round-trip efficiency;
5. High charge retention;
6. Long life; and,
7. Maintenance free and self-diagnostic.

MCV battery management systems (BMS) provide active and passive safeguards through application interface and diagnostics to protect against:

1. Thermal runaway;
2. Overcharging;
3. Deep discharge;
4. Overloading;
5. Short-circuiting; and,
6. Isolation monitoring.

BMS hardware raises capacity, shortens charge time and lengthens life through cell balancing, discharge/regeneration rate control and optimized charge algorithms.

MCV modules and assemblies can be applied in a wide range of areas, such as:

1. Telecommunications;
2. Medical systems and hospitals;
3. Electric Vehicles;
4. Energy Grid Storage;
5. Renewable Energy Systems (Wind, Solar, Hydro);
6. Material Handling Systems; and,
7. UPS systems.

To see some of the ways MCV battery module and assembly technologies are being applied, please visit our Client Reference section.

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