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The 2010 World Fair Zero Carbon London ZedPavilion. Situated in the Urban Best Practices Area of the Shanghai World Expo, the London ZedPavilion showcases some of the world's most advanced low-carbon technologies and solutions for sustainable urban development, as well as demonstrating what a zero-carbon lifestyle is like.

To achieve zero emissions, the ZedPavilion uses wind cowls, wind turbines, solar panels, and bio-gas generators to reduce energy consumption and ensure remaining energy demand is met by zero-carbon sources. With 280 cells of 700AH Sinopoly Li-Fe batteries storing 621kWh energy, this facility has been operating 24/7 since 2010.

The Marine Exchange of Southern California. The Marine Exchange of Southern California is an eighty plus year old, non-profit organization dedicated to the development and efficient flow of maritime commerce throughout the region. This Federal facility (a public/private partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard) operates under an MCV 80kW solar and 25kW energy storage system for 24/7 operation.

The Hangzhou Electric Vehicle (EV) Project. Under a program totaling 20 million Ah Li-Fe batteries, 5 million Ah are powering 3,000 taxi cabs operating on 60Ah Sinopoly batteries. Recharging is accomplished via a robot-controlled battery swapping and charging station powered by 15 million Ah Sinopoly Li-Fe batteries.